Day 39 - Paris, France

We arrived in Paris early this morning, and parked the bus at a camping/caravan place. Today is no show, so we need to park the bus somewhere. Most people probably went away in different directions and endeavours in Paris, but i was picked up by my friend Denis Goria who drove me to his apartment nearby. There i stayed for the whole day, working, with the exception when we went for lunch in a nice english pub.

In the evening we drove downtown and i could experience the horrible traffic in Paris.. Then we met David and Emanuel at the Thai restaurant "Asia". Fantastic food and really cool interior!

Then back to Denis place again, where i am spending the night. Tomorrow it's time to do the sold out show here in Paris. I am a little bit worried when i heard the stage might be too small for our big set-up, but let's see tomorrow.
Tomorrow we will also have visits from friends, journalists, and winners in the Pain contest. Also, my friend Anders Olsson from Sennheiser in Stockholm will show up. Nice to meet a friend who's almost my neighbour in Stockholm, to show up in Paris. Small world :-)

At the "Asia" restaurant in Paris

David at the "Asia" restaurant in Paris

Denis at the "Asia" restaurant in Paris

The "Asia" restaurant in Paris

French traffic-chaos

Live in Heerlen. Photo: Roger Op Den Camp

Live in Heerlen. Photo: Roger Op Den Camp


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