Day 38 - Heerlen, Netherlands

Last night, before we left Antwerpen, we went to a couple of bars to play some pool. In the first bar there was a guy who had fallen asleep/passed out of too much drinking. We made a nice painting on his back and included the text "insert coin" with an arrow poiting down... The funny part here is that every time anyone passed this guy (he was in the center of the bar), they actually dropped a coin there, and so did we every time we passed him. He must've been very surprised when he woke up today and found lots of euros in his underwear! :-)

When we woke up today we took a walk in Heerlen. We walked through the city centre and had breakfast. When i arrived backstage i went extremely happy when i found out that we got a SuperNintendo TV game there! Whoohooo! So i layed down on the couch and played Super Mario with a big smile on my face. The other guys were just shaking their heads, mumbling something about me being totally nuts.. Anyway, right before soundcheck, Kimmo dropped a big and heavy case right on his foot, and almost smashed his toes to pieces - aouch!

The show was fine. Very small place, but also very intimate and somewhat special. I like it!

Next stop is Paris, and 4 days in France. I am really looking forward to this as i know the French Painheads are totally crazy, that Paris is sold out, and we will meet many friends. See 'ya!

Kimmo is tweaking the monitor system, by using the iPad remote for Venue SC48

Kimmos toes after dropping the case...

Stage set-up in Antwerpen

Our guitartech Macke with my guitar in Antwerpen. My guitars loves him!

Backline-tech Emanuel in a bar in Antwerpen

Some artwork on some passed out dude in Antwerpen

German precision parking with our german busdriver, in Heerlen

They seems to like wallpaitings in Heerlen as well

"Smulbar" in Heerlen. In Swedish, this is really funny...

Playing SuperNintendo backstage in Heerlen

Posted by: Svärson

Ha! Då mådde han allt! :D

2011-10-27 @ 19:44:12

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