Day 33 - Strasbourg, France

I checked out from the hotel and went straight to the venue, got in and got some breakfast and continued to work for the rest of the day backstage. As the hours passed by, and all the othe guys showed up one by one. Some of them had no idea of what happened last night, and some of them looked like a trashcan that had just been hit by a train... Anyway, i really like this venue and remember we had a very good show here in 2009. After soundcheck and dinner we all took a "goodbye" picture with all three bands and all crew, as this is the last show with Turmion Kätylöt. They will leave this tour after the show tonight. The guys in TK got us a nice goodbye-present, which was a 3-CD box with "Disco Dance Party". Right... They also sang some disco songs and danced for us. Right...

The show became something really special overall. Of course we had to do some prank to the TK guys as it was the last show, and so we did! We ran out on stage during their show and changed their water bottles to Vodka bottles. Then Peter came up on stage in one song, dressed like a bankrobber with bad clothing taste... in pantyhose both on his legs and head.. Priceless.. We did some other stuff as well, like put flour on the drums etc.. Of course we got payback when we did our show as well, Tuomas from TK came in on stage on "Dancing with the dead" dressed like... dead.. kind of.. He was naked and only wrapped up in toiletpaper.. priceless again. The French fans didn't let us down (as always) and we had a killer show with a loud and crazy audience, even with moshpit and several stagedives. Once again we had to come back to play Bye/Die and we also brought up two people from the audience on stage to sing with us :-)

We are leaving France for a couple of days now, and next stop is Germany again (for the 4th time). Thanks to Turmion Kätylöt for bringing the next level of humor to the tour!

"Goodbye present" from Turmion Kätylöt

Stage entry at La Laiterie

Soundcheck in La Laiterie

Björn is preparing the merchandise shop in La Laiterie

Peters guest appearance with Turmion Kätylöt...


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