Day 32 - Strasbourg, France

Woke up early as usual. But this morning i had almost no breakfast, no internet connection, and didn't get enough sleep so i packed my bag and left the bus. Walked down the street where the bus were located, and came to a bigger street, walked a couple of blocks, turned a couple of times, and just walked around until i found the nearest hotel. I asked in the reception if they had intenet and a bathtub, which they did, so i checked in. I spent most of my day here at this hotel, working, and just left for a short while to get some dinner. Today is one of those rare "off-days" so most people tend to split up in various directions with different plans. I am just working. In a hotel with internet connection. And of course, i took a bath :-)

I hope my cold will get better soon, it feels like it's fading away slowly.

Tomorrow we are playing here in Strasbourg, and that will also be the last show with one of our supportbands, Turmion Kätilöt. The rest of this tour we will continue with Engel only as TK will go back home again. These guys in TK are just amazing, really funny guys and i just love them all. Some people might think they are crazy, and they probably are in some sense, but you have to dig really deep to find a band with such energy and dedication to what they are doing. I have total respect for them!

Strasbourg, France

Turmion Kätylät's tour-camper

German specialties lined up backstage at Rockfabrik

Live in Ludwigsburg, Germany

Live in Ludwigsburg, Germany

Live in Ludwigsburg, Germany


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