Day 60 - 2011 wrap-up

2011 is over for Pain. We have done 47 shows in 15 countries.

Thanks to our fantastic crew who makes everything possible. Hede, Kimmo, Macke, Emanuel, Kjellgren, Jens. I guess i am not expressing my gratitude as often as i should, sorry for that!

Thanks to all our drivers, tourmanagers and catering personnel that has been working with us this year. I guess you won't hear "thanks" as often as you deserve either... So - Thanks!

Thanks to Raubtier, Engel, Turmion Kätylöt and Black Light Discipline. I had a blast with you guys! New friends in the Pain family, and more crazy memories to be told :-)

Thanks to Jackson guitars, Sennheiser, Rawk/Xzavier, Dunlop strings and Avid Technology. Because of you i had the best gear and the best possible sound available. Your support makes me feel safe and calm when i know i always have the best (and best looking) gear.

Thanks to my colleagues at work, who keeps up with me and my irregular travels... They never know if i am at the office or on the road from one week to the other. I really appreciate your support.

But most of all, thanks to YOU, all our Painheads that has been supporting us. We are nothing without your support, and and i am always proud of our Painheads around the world - respect.

Now it's time to draw back and lick our wounds. I will continue to work on the 8th Sin album "Cosmogenesis" that i think will come out at some point next year, and in December i will lay down under the knife to do a surgery. After that i will be in bed for a couple of weeks.

I'll write here again next time we are on the road. Lots of you seems to like this blog, that's why i do it.
Keep in touch at the official Pain forum (found through our site You can also find Pain and 8th Sin pages at Facebook and MySpace.

//Michael Bohlin

Pain 2011 passes

Denis Goria in action, filming for our upcoming DVD

The filmcrew is making final preparations for the show

The filmcrew is making final preparations for the show

Rigging for DVD recording in Stockholm

Rigging for DVD recording in Stockholm

Denis Goria in action, filming for our upcoming DVD

Posted by: Jens

Thx for a great gig in Stockholm. This tour blogg has been great following. Thx again.

2011-11-15 @ 22:14:57

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