Day 59 - Stockholm, Sweden

In Sweden we call this day "Fathers Day", and it is when all fathers are being celebrated by their children. It was just a co-incidence that the date for our last show became the same as the annual Fathers Day.

So, to be able to spend time with my children, i drove back to Stockholm right after the show in Örebro. My girlfriend came with our car so we could go right after the show, while the others stayed and came next day with the tourbus as usual. But as i came home after the show, i could sleep at home in my own bed, and wake up fresh. My youngest daughter came around lunchtime and we had some applepie. Then i left to the venue for soundcheck in the afternoon. After soundcheck i met my oldest daughter and went to have dinner with her before the doors open.

Everything this day was delayed a lot. Load in, soundcheck, doors, showtime. The reason was mainly that this show was filmed for an upcoming DVD and the preparation for this is huge. They had to build up the camera cranes and it was loads of extra people working in the film team, i think it was eight cameras.

After all we could enter the stage for the last time this year, about 45 minutes too late. The venue was full and the expectations were high. I personally squeezed out the last drips of energy that i had left, to make this as good as possible, and the payback was a good show but a fucked-up Michael afterwards. I was so exhausted that i almost vomited after the show, but i also had a cold coming up again which didn't really make it easier. When i came home after the show i had fever. I think i got the same as Peter, who had a really bad cold as well. Anyway, the show itself was great and we had a good time, and Andre Skaug was visiting us on a couple of songs. As we were "home" in Stockholm we had hundreds of friends showing up and the whole feeling was just fantastic. Bands, friends, families, journalists, photographers and others - they were all there.

I will wrap up this tour in a separate blog, but for now - thanks to everybody involved!

Camera preparations

Camera preparations

Camera preparations


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