Buenos Aires

I had no idea you guys in Buenos Aires were so crazy - seems like we have loads of Painheads here as well! The show went great and we ha d a really good time on stage. We had some technical issues but everything was solved in time by our great crew as always.

There were loads of loud Painheads everywhere, at the hotel, outside the venue, everywhere, and you all showed us your love and dedication. Thank you!!!

Now we have a very early flight tomorrow morning to Sao Paulo, via Montevideo, so we have to call it a rap and sum up at the hotel.

Soundcheck in Buenos Aires

A fan with the Painversion of the Argentina flag, and Peter, backstage after the show

Another fan who also made his own Argentina flag for the show

Funny, the backstagewine was TrumPETER :-)

Backstage before the show

Our Sennheiser beltpacks for the wireless systems - came along to South America as well

Posted by: Mariana Alviso

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