Day 45 - Madrid, Spain

It's the last day of the european part of the tour, and you just want everything to be smooth and easy so you can go home with a smile on your face. Now let me remind you one more time - this is a Pain tour...

So, where shall i start? Hmm.. Woke up in the morning and we were just about to enter Madrid. Clear blue sky and it felt like this is gonna be a good last day of the european tour. A bit over 20 degrees and i was in a very good mood. We arrived at the venue and immediately realized that it is impossible to park our tourbus with trailer outside. Hoooorayyy. What to do now? We drove through the whole city to a parking garage for buses and trucks. We parked there and called the promotor to give him the options, transfer all gear manually (crossloading), or cancel the show. Several hours passed by while he tried to fix the problem, so we went out in the city of Madrid to have breakfast.

After a couple of hours, a tow truck came to the garage, to pick up our 3 ton trailer. The rest of the stuff had to go in cars and all 16 people as well (back and forth a couple of times). The bus had to stay in this garage for the rest of the day. At this point, the feeling i had in the beginning of the day was completely gone. At 6pm we hadn't even started our soundcheck yet, and i just reminded myself "nothing comes easy". Seems like we just need to squeeze the last strength out of everybody on the last day, to make sure we all come home again like total wrecks. These last three shows in Spain hasn't really been easy at all, for any of us. There's no need to go into details, but a quick sum-up is that it hasn't been a walk in the park.

Now, don't get me wrong, the Painheads in Span has been great, and there's always something special with the last show. You have high expectations, but you're also happy to go home. Suddenly you gain new strength and energy just because you know it's the last one and you don't need to save up until tomorrow. And, as always when it's the last show, the funny pranks between crew and bands are more a rule than surprise... So even this time. We pranked Engel by coming up on stage and teared down the drumkit, piece by piece. Also, David came up on one song wearing only a towel, hanging laundry.. Then of course, what you give is what you get. When we played "Have a drink on me" Engel came up on stage, drowning us in balloons, funny hats and other party tricks.. Then it was the last prank, made by the crew. After our last song we used to play a song in the speakers when we say goodbye to the audience, and of course they had changed this. Instead of "My way" that we used to have, it was "Stayin alive" at the same time as our screens had disco movies... Really funny, hehe.. The audience also screamed too much of a song we haven't played since 2009 (On and On), so we just had to do it, not planned at all! Thank you all Painheads of Madrid.

Next stop is the airport of Madrid, to take our bags from the tourbus and fly back home to Sweden. I'll wrap up this part of the tourblog when i get home tomorrow.

This is what happens to your tourbus in Murcia

Not so happy guys in Madrid

Breakfast in Madrid

Pay attention to our names: Pion (Björn), Maiko (Michael), Matias (Mattias)

In the parking garage in Madrid, what else can you do than laugh?

Trailer pickup by the tow truck in the parking garage

As we say in Sweden "Fredagsmys" :-)

Playtime in the tourbus - Hede bought me a Spongebob partykit!


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